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Find a Table is a collection of Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts based out of Chilliwack, BC, who are looking to make finding and organizing tables in our area easier, quicker, and more effective.  Our list of tables are growing as we reach out to more local Dungeon Masters, so check back frequently and feel free to provide feedback.

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Our Dungeon Masters are constantly looking for your feedback – D&D is successful when games are being run the way players want them to be.  Fill out our quick and easy survey on what you are hoping to see out of your next session and make sure that all of our future games are memorable.

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Connecting Players and Dungeon Masters via Common Goals

Find a table is about providing players with a platform to influence which campaigns are run, how they are run, and what the goal of running each one is.  By giving a meaningful method for feedback, we hope to shape the way D&D campaigns are filled and run in a public space.  We also provide a method for Dungeon Masters to list their tables once they are ready to start a campaign, and provide any of the relevant details that can better inform a player as to whether or not this campaign is right for them.  Finding a Dungeons and Dragons table in Chilliwack, BC has never been easier.

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Are you a Dungeon Master with a table looking for more members? Let us know and we can add your table to our growing list of Tables and get players in touch with you. And with a listing players can read, they can decide before-hand if they are a good fit for your table, making the chance for a match higher and the quality of responses better.